Quality Care Animal Hospital opened in November, 1994 with some simple goals in mind. We wanted to provide the best medical, surgical, and preventive veterinary care we could for our patients. We also wanted to educate our clients with the latest information available in veterinary medicine so they could make well informed decisions concerning the care and health of their non-human family members. Since then, we have strived to live up to our name and attract clients who want what is best to ensure their pets live long, happy, healthy lives. We enjoy building relationships with our clients and lifelong relationships with our patients. We appreciate getting to see our patients when they are young and watching them grow knowing that along the way we do everything we can to make their lives better and to educate the people they live with about their health.

Quality Care Animal Hospital treats strictly small animals and exotic pets. Although most of our patients are dogs and cats we also treat birds, reptiles, and small mammals such as rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, and mice.

Quality Care Animal Hospital is a full service animal hospital. We provide a large range of medical, surgical, dental, laboratory, and preventive care services for our patients and clients.

Education is the cornerstone of what we do and we strive to teach people about the health needs of their non-human family members. We endeavor to be honest and upfront at all times with our clients and to tell them what they need to hear. And we always view our clients’ time as valuable and endeavor to keep appointments on schedule with minimal waiting time. And by being able to do the majority of our laboratory testing on the premises we are able to obtain a great deal of information quickly in order to begin treating a sick patient as soon as possible.